Top 5 Benefits of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Top 5 Benefits of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Top 5 Benefits of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

What is Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps in reshaping and increasing the breast size and shape by using breast implants, fat grafting, or both.

A rapid recovery breast augmentation as the name suggests helps in Rapid & smooth recovery after breast augmentation surgery. This advanced technique of breast augmentation when performed significantly influences postoperative care and shortens the recovery period.

In this blog post, we have mentioned some of the most effective benefits of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation. If you are thinking of getting breast augmentation, then kindly read the entire article.

Top 5 Benefits of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

  • Less pain after the surgery

In this cosmetic surgery method, the tissues are less traumatized and hence there is little discomfort after surgery. Pain is significantly less allowing you to recover faster. 

  •  Better mobility after surgery

A breast augmentation surgery routinely has patients being slow with physical activity. With the rapid recovery method, the patients are taught certain exercises before surgery which allows them to perform the same comfortably after the surgery. Patients are encouraged to walk and stay active within 24 hours of surgery.

  • No surgical drains 

Another benefit of the rapid recovery method is avoiding surgical drains as it reduces the risk of infections that can be caused by these drains.

  • Same-Day Discharge

In a rapid recovery breast augmentation procedure, the patients are comfortable going home the same evening/night. This enhanced recovery helps patient get back to routine better and faster than usual which can be seen in just after 24hours of the surgery. 

  • Overall a comfortable recovery period

At last, the overall recovery period of breast augmentation is significantly reduced and helps the patients to resume work in a short period of time.

Rapid recovery breast augmentation is one of the recent advances in a technique that has changed the post-op care and recovery of breast augmentation and if you want to get more information regarding this procedure and the costs involved, then connect with us. We specialize in breast augmentation surgery and one of the few centers offering rapid recovery breast augmentation in Mumbai, Dr. Sudhanva H. KumarYou can contact us at +91 94200 13366.

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