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Male Breast Reduction In Mumbai

The feminine appearance of a male chest due to enlargement of breast tissue is known as gynecomastia. Commonly known as manboobs or moobs can be a cause for a lot of embarrassment, shame, insecurity and self-consciousness. Male breast reduction surgery involves removing the excess breast gland and fat to reshape your chest to more masculine contour and a well-balanced frame.

Mumbai Male Breast Reduction, What is Gynecomastia?

Overdeveloped male breasts can occur due to the presence of excess fat or breast glandular tissue in one or both breasts. Localised accumulation of fat in the chest as a result of weight gain or obesity is known as pseudogynecomastia and may reduce with diet and exercise. True gynecomastia is the presence of breast glandular tissue and does not improve despite diet and exercise. It can be a cause of severe psychosocial discomfort in men resulting in a reluctance to go shirtless in public. Self-confidence is often affected due to constant self-consciousness and humiliation affecting routine activities like swimming, working out at the gym or even wearing well-fitting tee shirts.

It is common in adolescent boys and older men due to fluctuation and imbalance in sex hormones. In most of these cases, breast glandular tissue disappears without any treatment within two years. However, the presence of breast tissue after two years can be an indication for surgery. Steroids, drugs (medication), genetic, and some hormonal and systemic diseases are other causes of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction removes the breast gland and fat to give you a flatter, firmer chest with improved contours. It can help you gain more self-confidence in being comfortable in better fitting clothes or being bare-chested.

Male Breast Reduction Before & Afters

These Male Breast Reduction or Gynecomastia Surgery before and after pictures represent actual patients of Dr. Sudhanva. They will help to assist you in understanding your various options and enable you to set realistic goals for your own surgical outcome. Each individual and his / her goals are different and so is the personalised treatment plan, hence individual results may vary.

The reasons to choose Dr. Sudhanva and his team for your procedure are comprehensive

He is an experienced cosmetic surgeon with exceptional finesse and honed eye for an appreciation of natural harmony and curves in body reshaping.


r. Sudhanva is an active member of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS), an active member of the Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (AAPS), a life member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI), with Fellowship from International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), and a member of the Association of Medical Consultants (AMC).

A board-certified plastic surgeon & expert with extraordinary expertise and skill to not only visualise the changes required to create pleasing & natural contours but also deliver that look to his patients.

He has trained in Brazil in modern concepts of body reshaping, including 4D liposuction and RF skin tightening for early recovery and enhanced results. He believes in customising the treatment plan using a variety of surgical techniques to help you achieve a natural, well-toned body with improved contours and give you the best possible result.

He is also well equipped to treat complicated cases as previously operated male breast reductions (secondary gynecomastia) where an improvement in the outcome is desired.

He believes in customising the treatment plan using a variety of surgical techniques to give you a natural-looking flat chest with improved contours.

He is a body contouring expert uniquely trained with world-renowned body contouring surgeons across the globe. His interactions with specialist plastic surgeons at various national and international conferences have allowed him to achieve great results with uncompromised safety. The wide range of techniques and approaches learnt from each of these master body contouring surgeons has equipped Dr. Sudhanva with unparalleled experience to achieve your desired result with exceptional finesse.

  • Dr. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
  • Dr. Ulrich Ziegler, Germany
  • Dr. Frank Lista, Canada
  • Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, Columbia
  • Dr. Ruth Graf, Brazil
  • Dr. Rod Rohrich, USA

Dr. Carlos Roxo

Dr. Ulrich Ziegler

Dr. Frank Lista

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos

Dr. Ruth Graf

Dr. Rod Rohrich

What are some common reasons why you may consider male breast reduction

  • If you are conscious or unhappy with the appearance of enlarged breast tissue and want to improve your overall body proportions.
  • If you are reluctant to be bare-chested in public, to swim, exercise or wear better fitting clothes.
  • If you experience psychological discomfort associated with overdeveloped breasts.
  • If you experience any physical discomfort because of enlarged breast tissue.

Male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery can have dramatic results by restoring a flatter chest and a more masculine body contour.

Consultation with Dr. Sudhanva

You will experience the warmth, care and attention to detail that Dr. Sudhanva and his team shall offer to you from the time of your first consultation, through the male breast reduction perioperative process and throughout the entirety of your recovery and follow-up. Irrespective of the change you desire, from subtle to more dramatic improvement in your body shape, they strive to offer the most natural results. The best male breast reduction surgery is the one that doesn’t appear to be “done”. The passion, training, expertise, experience combined with meticulous attention to detail allows him to deliver one of the best male breast reduction results in Mumbai, India.

More Questions about Male Breast Reduction

What are the systemic diseases and medication causing gynecomastia?

The medication causing gynecomastia are anti-androgens, anti-anxiety and anti-depressive drugs, antibiotics, HIV medications, Ulcer medications, anti-cancer drugs, cardiac drugs, Anabolic steroids and androgens, alcohol and recreational prohibited drugs.

Systemic Diseases that cause gynecomastia are all conditions that interfere with normal male hormone (testosterone) production, tumours involving the testes, adrenal glands or pituitary gland, Hyperthyroidism, malnutrition, Liver and Kidney failure.

Will the recovery after male breast reduction be painful?

Recovery after male breast reduction can be easily managed by oral pain killers. Mild discomfort and soreness may be present immediately after surgery but disappears within the next few days.

When can I start exercising post male breast reduction?

Light exercise can be resumed 1 week after male breast reduction and more vigorous exercises not involving the pectoral muscles or lifting heavyweight. A full unrestricted activity can be resumed 12 weeks after surgery.

When can I resume work after male breast reduction?

It usually depends on how you feel. Most patients resume work by 3-4 days after surgery.

Will the scars be visible?

The scars are carefully planned with minimal small incisions around the areola and chest at discrete locations to minimise visibility. The scars are almost inconspicuous and fade over a period of time.

What are the potential risks and complications of male breast reduction surgery?

The specific risks and complications associated with your male breast reduction surgery will be discussed in detail during your consultation with Dr. Sudhanva.

Will insurance cover male breast reduction surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is a purely cosmetic procedure and may not be covered under insurance.