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Breast Augmentation In Mumbai

Breasts have an important role in making women feel feminine, shapely and confident about themselves. Every woman’s self-perception of her physical beauty is strongly influenced by her breasts. Naturally small breasts, disproportionate to the figure, is the most common reason to seek breast augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery can be tailored to achieve fuller, more voluptuous breasts, an enhanced cleavage or subtle improvements as per your desires.

Mumbai Breast Augmentation, What is Breast Augmentation?

Uneven size among breasts, sagging, and deflated breasts due to loss of volume as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or aging are other common reasons for women seeking this procedure. Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty enhances the size and shape of a woman’s breasts to compliment her body. Silicone breast implants and fat are used to enhance the bustlines. Keeping in mind your unique desires and physical anatomy, we plan your breast augmentation to help you achieve natural-looking, beautiful breasts with the perfect cleavage and curves to match your silhouette.

Breast Augmentation Before & Afters

These Breast Augmentation before and after pictures represent actual patients from Dr. Sudhanva. They will help to assist you in understanding your various options and enable you to set realistic goals for your own surgical outcome. Click on a patient for their specific case details.

Best Breast Augmentation Expert in Mumbai
The reasons to choose Dr. Sudhanva and his team for your procedure are comprehensive

He is an experienced cosmetic surgeon with exceptional finesse and honed eye for an appreciation of natural harmony and curves in breast surgery.


r. Sudhanva is an active member of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS), an active member of the Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (AAPS), a life member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI), with Fellowship from International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), and a member of the Association of Medical Consultants (AMC).

A board-certified plastic surgeon & expert with extraordinary expertise and skill to not only visualise the changes required to create pleasing & natural contours but also deliver that look to his patients.

He has trained in modern concepts of aesthetic breast surgeries including 24-hour recovery, fat transfer breast augmentation and hybrid breast augmentation to give you balanced, symmetric, natural-looking, gorgeous breasts.

He is also well equipped to treat complicated cases as previously operated breast augmentations, where an improvement in the outcome is desired.

He believes in customising the treatment plan using a variety of surgical techniques to give you a natural cleavage and beautifully shaped enhanced breasts that you desire.

He is a breast surgery expert uniquely trained with world-renowned breast surgeons across the globe and his interactions with specialist plastic surgeons at various national and international conferences have allowed him to achieve great results with uncompromised safety. The wide range of techniques and approaches learnt from each of these master breast surgeons has equipped Dr.Sudhanva with unparalleled experience to achieve your desired result with exceptional finesse.

  • Dr. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
  • Dr. Ulrich Ziegler, Germany
  • Dr. Frank Lista, Canada
  • Dr. Ruth Graf, Brazil
  • Dr. Rod Rohrich, USA
  • Dr. Giovanni Botti, Italy

Dr. Carlos Roxo

Dr. Ulrich Ziegler

Dr. Frank Lista

Dr. Ruth Graf

Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Giovanni Botti

What are some common reasons why you may consider Breast Augmentation

  • You have naturally Small breasts or You are dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts.

You can enhance your breast size to natural appearing gorgeous breasts.

  • You have disproportionate breasts: One breast is smaller than the other.

Breasts can be enhanced and symmetric to match your beautiful profile.

  • Your breasts appear deflated: loss of breast volume due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging.

Breast volume can be restored to give you the perfect cleavage and full, shapely breasts.

Consultation with Dr. Sudhanva

You will experience the warmth, care and attention to detail that Dr. Sudhanva and his team shall offer to you from the time of your first consultation, through the breast augmentation perioperative process and throughout the entirety of your recovery and follow-up. Irrespective of the change you desire, from subtle to more dramatic improvement in your breast shape, they strive to offer the most natural results. The best breast augmentation is the one that doesn’t appear to be “done”. The passion, training, expertise, experience combined with meticulous attention to detail allows him to deliver one of the best breast augmentation results in Mumbai, India.

More Questions about Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in a Capsule

Anaesthesia Type : General Anaesthesia (Patient is fast asleep during surgery)

Surgery Duration : 1-2 hours based on implants, fat or both

Silicone Implants : Round , Smooth Gummy bear Implants are preferred.

 Implant Company : Sebbin (France), Polytech (Germany) & Motiva (Costa-rica) are commonly used

Recovery : We offer Flash Recovery where you can work & socialise from next day itself with adequate breast support.

It takes 10-12 days for sutures to heal.

Pain : Breast Augmentation is a relatively less painful procedure (Average Pain Score 3 – 6/10).

Things to expect :

Swelling : Resolves in 1-2 weeks. The breasts appear a little more fuller immediately after surgery and it decreases by 15-20% as the swelling goes down in 2 weeks time.

Discomfort : An initial foreign tight feeling may be felt on the chest for 1-2 months after which the body accepts and gets used to implant in the body.

Suture Removal : Absorbable sutures are usually used and do not need to be removed.

Things to take care : Avoid running, yoga, jumping, exercises for 6-8 weeks.

Avoid sleeping on the chest for 3 weeks.

Wear a supportive garment or sports bra for 3 months post surgery.

What is the cost of Breast Augmentation?

The cost depends the facility you choose for your procedure – Nursing Home/ Hospital.

The cost of Silicone Implants is approximately 50k for a pair.

The price range for the Surgery starts from 80k plus medicines/consumables, Implants & gst in a nursing home setup.

The cost for Breast Fat grafting starts from 80k plus medicines/consumables & gst.

The cost for a Hybrid procedure (Implants plus Fat grafting) starts from 1 lakh plus medicines/consumables, Implants & gst.

What are the types of breast implants used?

We prefer to use breast implants made of cohesive silicone gel which are FDA approved. They are safe and have a natural feel of breast tissue to it. However, saline implants are also available, which are filled with a saltwater solution and are slightly more cost-effective.

Depending on the texture, the implants can be macro, micro, nano-textured or smooth depending on its surface. We prefer the use of smooth implants or nanotextured implants. We do not use macro textured implants due to its risk associated with ALCL.

Depending on the shape, they can round or anatomic (teardrop-shaped) implants. Round implants give more fullness at the top while anatomic provide a more natural shape. The patient’s anatomy and desires guide the selection of the shape of the implant. Round implants are more popular among women.

What is the average lifespan of a breast implant?

Breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime and have an average lifespan of 10 years. However, many women with breast implants continue without a problem for over 15-20 years. Rupture of the implant or capsular contracture may require revision surgery to change the implants.

Do breast implants cause breast cancer?

Studies have shown that breast implants are extremely safe and pose no additional risk to breast cancer. Mammograms taken after breast augmentation may need additional special views to cover the breast after breast implant surgery.

Will breast augmentation affect my ability to breastfeed?

Most people can breastfeed normally after breast augmentation as the surgery does not interfere with breast glands and mammary ducts. The implant is usually placed through a breast crease incision behind the breast glands or muscle. Underdeveloped breasts having inherently fewer breast glands are prone to reduced milk production with or without surgery. Breast augmentation performed through the areolae can occasionally affect milk production.

Will the recovery after breast augmentation be painful?

Recovery after breast augmentation can be easily managed with oral pain killers. Submuscular implant placement is slightly more painful than sub-glandular placement. However, the pain subsides within a few days. Mild discomfort and tightness may be present immediately after surgery which disappears as the body adjusts to the change in the breasts within a few days.

When can I start exercising post breast augmentation surgery?

Light exercise can be resumed 1 week after breast augmentation and more vigorous exercises not involving the pectoral muscles can be resumed at 6 weeks, and full unrestricted activity at 12 weeks after surgery.

When can I resume work after surgery?

Patients with implants placed below the gland can resume activities by 2-3 days compared to implants placed under the muscle where recovery can take a little longer. Resuming work depends on how you feel. Most patients safely resume work by 7-10 days post-surgery.

Will the scars be visible?

Everybody heals differently; hence the way people scar also differs. The scars are carefully planned to be hidden within the breast creases, areolae, or within the armpit. The scars also fade over a period of time and can be almost inconspicuous.

What are the potential risks and complications of breast augmentation?

The specific risks and complications associated with your breast augmentation surgery will be discussed in detail during your consultation with Dr. Sudhanva.

What is BIA-ALCL?

(BIA-ALCL) Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is a very rare cancer of the cells of the immune system that has been found to be linked to textured implants. There have been no cases of BIA-ALCL reported from India till date. BIA-ALCL is treatable. According to a Dutch study that quantified the risk of ALCL in women with breast implants, the estimated risk of developing ALCL for women with breast implants is:

  • 1 in 35,000 for women age 50
  • 1 in 12,000 at age 70
  • 1 in 7,000 at age 75

Will my insurance cover breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a purely cosmetic procedure and is not covered under insurance.