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"Best plastic surgery is the one that brings out your inner beauty and confidence and transforms you into the best version of you."

Dr. Sudhanva and his team cater to many patients from all over India and abroad, who travel to get treatment with us every year. We are forever thankful to all our international patients who have bestowed their kind trust in us and visited us for their transformational journey. We have treated patients travelling from over 10 countries so far and look forward to many more. The passion, training, expertise, and stunning results make Dr. Sudhanva Hemant Kumar one of the most sought after plastic surgeons for cosmetic surgery in India.

For someone travelling out of town or country, we believe in fluent and transparent communication right from the time of your first consultation. We understand that visiting another city or country for plastic surgery can be intimidating, and it is normal to feel nervous and anxious about it. We will try our best to allay all your fears and concerns by answering your queries promptly and honestly until you feel confident to start your treatment journey with us.

We treat all our patients with compassion, respect, and utmost care. Paying attention to the finer details during your consultation allows us to understand your goals better and, in turn, helps us achieve the results that you have always desired. We will coordinate and assist you in choosing the best facility for your surgery and stay in accordance with your needs and make sure your trip is as smooth, comfortable, and hassle-free as possible. Dr. Sudhanva operates at leading multi-specialty hospitals in Mumbai, offering world-class medical care and advanced medical facilities on par with international standards. We give paramount importance to your safety and well-being and ensure that your surgery is carried out with minimal risks and complications. Be rest assured that all your records shall be kept confidential and privacy shall be maintained throughout your consultations and treatment. We will always be available to assist you throughout your recovery process and your stay with us for the procedure.

We are completely transparent with our pricing for your surgery and offer the same uniform price to all our patients across the globe. An approximate price list of all our procedures can be shared with you when you connect with us.

Our amazing patient coordinators can help you plan your hotel accommodation, airport transfers, food preferences, local travel, and even help you with your travel itinerary if you wish to tour our magnificent and diverse country. They can even assist you with Dental consultations and treatments if you wish to combine them with your cosmetic surgery. It is important for you to know that none of these services are included in the approximate price mentioned for your surgery and are charged separately. While our assistance in planning your trip is absolutely free, these are merely suggestions and a reflection of our love and care towards our patients. You are entirely free to plan your trip except for the surgery dates and keeping in mind the recovery process. We will be happy to guide you if you need any additional assistance during your visit to make sure you have an enjoyable transformational experience.

Patients Travelling to Mumbai

Our practice is entirely based in Mumbai. In case you would like to plan your surgery with Dr. Sudhanva, we have a small guide to help you through it. The sequence of steps to your surgery is as follows.

Book your video consultation

The video consultation shall help Dr. Sudhanva assess your needs, desires, and expectations from surgery. He will also evaluate the suitability of the surgical procedure with respect to your anatomy and suggest the best possible treatment to achieve your goals. The cost of booking a 30 mins 1:1 video consultation is 25$ (USD), which will need to be paid for booking the appointment.

On booking the appointment, you will be emailed a patient registration form that needs to be completed and sent back to us. To accompany the video consultation process, We will require you to share some photographs related to your surgery by email prior to your consultation. Dr. Sudhanva will be referring to these pictures while discussing the treatments or procedures with you and planning your surgery. The template and brief guidelines regarding how the photos need to be taken shall be emailed to you, and our patient coordinator shall guide you through it, if necessary.

It is important to mention any allergies, on-going, or past health issues and medicines you take during the video consultation. We suggest you discuss your procedure in detail and clear all the doubts about your surgery, surgical facility, and costs involved to avoid any confusion after your arrival. The surgery quote mentioned to you is an approximate amount of the total cost for your surgery. It includes charges for Hospital admission, OT facility, Surgeon & Anaesthetist’s professional fees, Medicines during your hospital stay, Implant costs if planned, and post-operative consultations until suture removal. A customised compression garment if required for certain surgeries can be fabricated according to your measurements on your arrival at an additional cost.

The second and third procedures are charged significantly less if you plan multiple procedures under the same anaesthesia of your surgery.

Book your Surgery Date

Dr. Sudhanva’s surgeries are scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance. You can book a date for your surgery by paying a 200$ (USD) non-refundable deposit. This amount shall be adjusted in your final bill amount at the time of your surgery. Once you book the surgery date, you will further receive instructions and advice pertaining to your upcoming surgery. A letter of invitation for a medical/tourist visa shall be issued by our office if necessary. It is advisable to bring someone with you at least for a part of your stay. This can be your partner, relative or good friend. If you are unable to find someone to accompany you, kindly let us know, and we will arrange for a nurse at an additional cost to assist you in your recovery process until you are comfortable to be on your own.

You can undergo initial investigations required for fitness for surgery at a reputed facility near you and share them with us via email, or we can arrange the same for you after your arrival provided there are no medical concerns or comorbidities that can affect your planned surgery. Occasionally investigations mandatory for surgery or concerning your safety will need to be repeated. Investigations are charged separately and have not been included in your surgery quote.

All our facilities accept payments only in Indian Currency payable via cheque or major international credit and debit cards.

Booking a place to stay in Mumbai

Depending on the facility you choose for your surgery and your budget, we will suggest convenient Accommodations or Hotels close to the facility. Our patient coordinators will be happy to help you arrange this booking.

An approximate of the length of stay in Mumbai required for various procedures is listed below.

  • Hair Transplant – Arrive 1-2 days before the surgery date, Stay 3-4 days thereafter.
  • Rhinoplasty – Arrive 1-2 days before the surgery date, Stay 8-10 days thereafter.
  • Facelift – Arrive 1-2 days before the surgery date, Stay 7-9 days thereafter.
  • Breast Surgeries – Arrive 1-2 days before the surgery date, Stay 7-8 days thereafter.
  • Body Contouring Procedures (Liposuction, Tummy tuck, etc.) – Arrive 1-2 days before the surgery date, Stay 7-12 days thereafter.
  • Body Contouring after massive weight loss (Multiple procedures) – Arrive 1-2 days before the surgery date, 2-3 days hospital stay, Stay 14 days thereafter.
  • Mommy makeover (Multiple Procedures) – Arrive 1-2 days before the surgery date, 2-3 days hospital stay, Stay 14 days thereafter.

Any travel plans out of Mumbai after the procedure must be planned, keeping in mind the recovery process and taking care of all precautions.

Arrival in Mumbai for your surgery

If you have opted for airport transfers, we will arrange for a driver to be present at the Mumbai airport, holding a placard of your name to pick you up. The driver’s contact details shall be shared well in advance, who shall escort you to your accommodation/hotel. Dr. Sudhanva shall see you in person at his clinic, review your reports, surgical plan, and make any final decisions regarding your surgery. Any unanswered questions can be answered at this time.

You will also meet our anaesthetist either at the clinic or the surgical facility, who will examine you and assess your fitness for surgery. Consent and photographs pertaining to your surgery are taken.

You must avoid smoking 2 weeks prior and 3 months after the surgery for the best results. Smoking (Nicotine) is known to increase the risks and complication rates of all cosmetic surgery. Anti-inflammatory drugs and Blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, clopidogrel, naprogesic, ibuprofen, etc. need to be stopped 3-5 days before surgery.

The Day of Surgery

You will be admitted to the surgical facility a day before your planned surgery except for daycare procedures where you are admitted on the morning of your surgery. It is advisable to have someone accompany you and help you with recovery until it is safe for you to be discharged from the hospital for all the procedures performed under general anaesthesia. If you have no one to accompany you, a private nurse can be arranged at an additional cost to assist you in your recovery until you feel confident to be by yourself.

After Surgery

Most of the surgeries we perform can be performed as daycare and do not need overnight stay at the hospital. Multiple procedures or more extensive operations require a 1-3 night hospital stay. Before your discharge is planned, our team shall discuss the post-operative instructions in detail, do’s and don’ts, medicines, follow-up, and provide you with all the information required for your recovery. An emergency contact numbers sheet shall also be provided. We keep a check on our patients via phone/video calls, on the days when a physical consultation is not planned.

Things to do

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices for healthy living. Yoga originated in India around 500 BC, with yogic teachings mentioned in the Rigveda, an ancient Indian spiritual text. Yoga is a spiritual discipline that aims to bring harmony between your body and mind. Yoga and meditation have the power to transform you, and countries worldwide are waking up to yoga as a way of life for healthy living. India has many exquisite centers teaching the art and science of yoga and meditation. Learning Yoga is one life skill we suggest everyone takes from India.

Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Massages

India is the birthplace of Ayurveda, a traditional Indian alternative medicine, and literally translates as “knowledge of life.” This 5000-year-old healthcare system has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. It involves natural therapies and subtle lifestyle interventions to restore the balance between the body, mind, spirit, and environment. The ayurvedic treatments follow a combination of a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. Ayurvedic Spas are a soothing experience and can destress you completely. India has plenty of ayurvedic spas and centers to refresh, relax, and revitalize your mind, body, and soul.

Relaxing Spa & Resorts

There are plenty of resorts, hotels, and wellness centers that offer you a luxurious stay across India. Away from the toxic urban life, many of these resorts are situated in the lap of nature, offering you a calm, peaceful ambience, pampering hospitality, and refreshing treatments.

Shoppers Paradise

India is a shoppers paradise and has many malls offering all the international brands under one roof. You could buy fashionable jewellery, designer clothes, arts & crafts, and plenty of dresses, shawls, bedspreads, etc. made from intricately decorated exotic Indian fabrics. Also, if you know to bargain well, the Indian Bazaars are excellent for cheap clothes, junk jewellery & accessories.

Other Things

Learn to cook the Indian curries, mouth-watering Indian sweets & delicacies, adventure sports, scuba diving, etc.

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