Everything You Need To Know About Tummy Tuck

Everything You Need To Know About Tummy Tuck

Everything You Need To Know About Tummy Tuck

What is Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, also known as Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure where excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen is removed to help restore a flat, more toned and attractive contour to your tummy. Most often tummy tuck and liposuction are considered to be the same, however these are both two different surgeries. Although both help is achieving reduction of fat from the tummy, the major difference between the two surgeries is that tummy tuck also involves removing excess, loose skin from the lower abdomen and tightening of abdominal wall muscles which often becomes loose after pregnancy.

4 Benefits of Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy is most certainly one of the best phases in a women’s life, however it can leave behind stretch marks, loose tummy skin which does not shrink back to its pre-pregnancy state. In spite of the best of care, pregnancy yoga, creams, etc it is impossible to predict how one’s body will go through pregnancy, preventing stretch marks, getting back your well-toned abdomen. In some women, the body gets restored to its pre-pregnancy state within a span of 4-6 months, however in majority it is not possible as the way women heal and recover is also strongly linked to their genetics.

Everyone wants a fitter, tighter and more toned abdomen allowing them to wear the clothes of their choice without worrying about bulges or needing to wear body shapers. Regular exercise, diet and yoga definitely helps in toning and improving the body shape. However, the only treatment to deal with stretch marks, loose hanging skin and stubborn fat is a tummy tuck which can help get rid of these excesses and restore a flatter and better-looking tummy. Here are top 4 benefits of getting a tummy tuck:

  • Helps to get rid of stretch marks
    Stretch marks are created as an aftereffect of stretching the skin. There are various creams and products that are intended to dispose of stretch marks however, none of them are 100% successful. A tummy tuck surgery helps you get rid of stretch marks as this procedure involves removal of loose, excess skin from the lower part of the tummy which is the most common area to get stretch marks after pregnancy.
  • Can treat the abdominal bulge
    A bulge in the abdomen is most frequently a hernia or diastasis which occurs due to loose tone abdominal muscles. Ventral or umbilical hernias and diastasis of recti can be treated along with your abdominoplasty and can help you claim insurance for a part of the surgery. The abdominal muscles are routinely tightened during a tummy tuck to give you a flatter and more toned abdomen.
    Along with providing cosmetic and appearance benefits, a tummy tuck tightens the core abdominal muscles that support the spine which can help in reducing back pain and improves posture.
  • Provides a better belly button
    During the surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision and after removing the excess skin from the affected part the surgeon also adjusts the belly button in order to provide a better look.
  • Get rid of C-section scar
    A tummy tuck scar is a very fine line scar that is planned in a manner such that it stays hidden deep in your undergarments. Any scars in your lower tummy like the C-section scar or stretch marks below your navel are usually removed as a part of your surgery.

Cost of Tummy Tuck in Mumbai

The cost of a tummy tuck may vary from place to place and depending on the type of tummy tuck. In India, the cost of tummy tuck surgery may be between 90,000 to 3,50,000 INR. We specialize in body contouring surgery and Dr. Sudhanva H Kumar is among the few highly trained plastic surgeons from India offering best results with tummy tuck surgery. If you are searching for an affordable tummy tuck in Mumbai, then you can contact us at Dr. Sudhanva H. Kumar, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery on +91 94200 13366.

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