Everything you need to know about Neck Lift

Everything you need to know about Neck Lift

Everything you need to know about Neck Lift

Everything you need to know about Neck Lift

What is a neck lift?
The skin of the neck is as sensitive as your face and needs a lot of care. As we grow older the skin of our face and neck starts getting wrinkles and fine lines which makes our appearance dull. The loose skin of your neck can make you look a lot older than you actually feel or are, giving it an appearance of what is called a turkey neck. A Neck Lift helps tighten the skin of the neck and improve any visible the signs of aging. It is often performed along with a facelift. A neck lift also helps people with fuller, chubby, fatty neck with double chin achieve a more slimmer neck by getting rid of the excess fat and restores the attractive neck-face angle. By getting rid of the double chin, it also enhances the appearance of your lower face by giving you a more slender neck and a sharp, more defined jawline.

Benefits of neck Lift?
● Tightens the loose skin or jowls in the neck
● Gets rid of double chin or excess fat in the neck
● Tighten muscles of the neck to get rid of neck bands
● Restores a more natural and attractive neck-face angle
● Minimizes the wrinkles in the neck
● A slender, attractive neck with a sharp and more prominent jawline can be achieved

What is the procedure of Neck Lift?
To achieve a youthful and more slender neck, there are 3 steps that are followed during the surgery

Step 1 – Anesthesia
It can be performed under both local as well as general anaesthesia. Your plastic
surgeon shall recommend the most suitable anaesthesia after examination based on your desires and present anatomy keeping maximum safety in mind.

Step 2 – Incision
Depending on your requirements, neck lift can be done in two ways, the first one is traditional neck lift in where a hidden incision is planned along the ear going back into the hairline. In this procedure the excess skin is trimmed away and the neck skin is repositioned to give a more natural and youthful appearance and the second procedure is called a deep plane neck lift, where a hidden incision is placed under your chin to get rid of the excess fat from the neck and tighten the muscles on the neck. A neck and lower face liposuction is performed through tiny hidden incisions and improve its appearance.

Step 3 – Closing the incisions
The incisions are usually closed using the absorbable sutures or skin glue. A
compression garment may be occasionally advised. Some bruising and swelling is expected which disappears on its own in 7-10 days giving a more natural and youthful appearance to your neck.

Are neck lifts safe?
Neck lifts are a safe and effective procedure, but the surgery result may vary from person to person, we recommend you to consult a well trained, board-certified plastic surgeon for your surgery.

If you have any questions regarding neck lift, you may consult us at Dr. Sudhanva H. Kumar, Aesthetic PlasticSurgery.

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